Mission Statement Department of Visual Studies Student Society

We as a student society strive together to be a welcoming presence on campus and one that connects the UTM student body to art and community.

Through campus events and ongoing student connection, we aim to be a positive and creative force to uplift campus spirit.

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March 20th

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The Team

The Execs

In no specific order...
Likes: Friendship, Indie Music, Impromptu Dance Parties, Modern Art, The hour between 2am and 3am, and Sad Poetry.
Dislikes: The feeling of fleeting motivation, accidentally sending a message when it's not ready, deadlines.

Matt Morales, President


Hey I'm KC, I'm the Vice President of DVSSS. I am a pisces and I like long walks on the beach.

KC Chavez, Vice President


Hey I'm Elora and I'm into sculpture, cinema, and cats

Elora Riganelli, Secretary


I am an Art and Art History Specialist. I practice photography, performance, video, and sound art. Also, I am a treasure to this society.

John Elammar, Treasurer


Hi! I'm Jordyn, I'm studying Art and Art History, specializing in Design, Photography, Video and Performance! I enjoy sleeping in tents and tending to my goldfish.

Jordyn Stewart, Advertising


Hello I'm Holly, I am the Academic and Social Director. I study Visual Culture and enjoy viewing art in all of it's forms.

Holly Fenton, Social Director


Hello friends! My name is Cherie Novecosky. I am the second year Art and Art History Executive for DVSSS. I'm originally from Calgary and moved to Ontario to go to U of T.
I am an avid photographer and mixed media artist but I also love to get my groove on and bust a move... Just ask anyone. I literally dance everywhere. I also love running and writing actual letters to people. Call me old fashioned

Cherie Novecosky, Art and Art History Liaison


Hey I'm Jenn. I am the liaison for Cinema Studies. I love film and complex carbohydrates. Feel free to start a conversation with me if it involves any of the two.

Jennifer Park, Cinema Studies Liaison


Hi! I'm Samantha, the VCC Liason for DVSSS. On top of having a passion for photography and design, I live to travel! I want to go anywhere and everywhere at least once :)
"You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to" - JRR Tolkien

Samantha Strachan, Visual Culture and Communication Liaison


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