Pen Pal Project / (mostly free) Gallery Hop : Deadline This Thursday

Hey! You know what’s better than a FREE event? Two-ish FREE events!

PPP_poster1 copy

We’ve got the Pen Pal Project coming up. The dregs of university can making finding friends a tedious task, so we thought this would be a creative way to spark some connection in DVS. Through the power of snail mail, your creative genius, and free postage, we’ll introduce you to someone new!

Last deadline to register is this Thursday October 10th @ 11:59pm. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

GALLERY HOP (Friday October 25)

Keep your Friday, October 25th night open because we’re going to see some art. This is a student led hop so you don’t need to worry about writing things down – you can relax and take it all in. We’ll start off in Mississauga at our very own e|gallery and Blackwood Gallery, then to the Art Gallery of Mississauga. After, DVSSS will hit downtown Toronto. It’ll be packed, but what a way to start off the weekend.

Now, we thought about our friends that finish class at 12:00pm on Friday, so here’s the deal. We plan to start off the tour at the e|gallery in the CCT building at 11:30pm then we move on to the Blackwood in the Kaneff Centre. The bus will leave from the Blackwood at 12:10pm (that gives you enough time to skip your way over).

Did I mention that the bus is FREE for you folks? That’s right- that’s transportation from UTM and back to UTM. All you need to bring with you is $10 for the Toronto International Art Fair and some cash for food or bring a lunch/snacks. I also hear that there’s a chance that we’ll go out for eats after. Want to know the exact details and itnerary? Well…

You need to commit and sign up by Thursday October 10th @ 11:59pm. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Have any questions about any of these events? Let us know below! Want to subscribe to our emails? Go to our Reach Us page and subscribe.

3 Reasons Why Going to Class Makes You a Likable Person

It’s the third week of university and now it’s time to do actual work, right? Of course. You travelled to all your classes, and you know how to weave your way through campus. With your syllabi floating in your head, you know when your classes start. Now you have a choice. You can skip lectures or go to them. I’m not going to slay you with facts and statistics about the positive relationship between attending class and success, but I will tell you in an easy-to-digest 3 point list, why going to class can make you a likable person (take note of the word ‘can’ because there’s only so much a blog post can do).

#1. People will recognize you.

If you’re the slightest bit observant, you’ll have a vague awareness of the people in your lecture or tutorial. And they’ll know you. This leads to one of the greatest conversation starters in all of academia, the “Hey, you’re in my ________ class…” And from that simple line, you’re well on your way to making a new friend, going on a date, or finding the one person who would freeze with you in the cold of Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche.

Kind of unrelated, but here’s a pick-up line for you art history buffs.

Not only will your peers notice you, your professor will notice as well. Despite class sizes being quite large at university, professors will still recognize you. For those in the art field, this is multiplied by 120%. Is that an arbitrary calculation? Yes. Scientifically proven? No one can say for sure. But think about it; your professors are experts when it comes analyzing the things they see (see: visual studies program). And having excellent relations with your professors doesn’t hurt – they are the ones that write you recommendation letters.

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So It’s Your First Week of Class…(illustrated with GIFS)

Frosh week has come to a close. That autumn breeze rolls fresh through campus. And all the moments in your life have brought you to this point. You are ready for your first class.

You wake up, eat breakfast, survey all your new school gear, put on your first-day-of-the-university-year outfit, and step out the door. You can’t help but feel a little excited.

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Why hello, and…


Some of you – actually, most of you – are probably wondering who’s welcoming you in the picture above. That is Roland Barthes, one of the many linguists/theorists/semioticians you’ll get to know in this program.

Now that we have that cleared up, how unexcited are you for this upcoming school year? For those of you applauding and cheering at your computer screens, by all means, keep cheering! For those that feel a little anxious for the upcoming year, don’t worry we’re right there with you to help! Continue reading