So It’s Your First Week of Class…(illustrated with GIFS)

Frosh week has come to a close. That autumn breeze rolls fresh through campus. And all the moments in your life have brought you to this point. You are ready for your first class.

You wake up, eat breakfast, survey all your new school gear, put on your first-day-of-the-university-year outfit, and step out the door. You can’t help but feel a little excited.

You get to your class five minutes before the professor and see the stream of students pouring into the lecture hall. The realization that you’re all there to learn about something you love hits you.

Your professor steps into the lecture hall. They introduce themselves. Whatever preconceived image ¬†floated in your head about your professor vanishes as they speak. They start reading the syllabus…

You listen as your professor talks a bit about the class. As they speak, you skim the syllabus and realize how much reading they assigned. The grading scheme tugs at your skin, and you desperately wonder why any exam should be worth 30% or more of your final mark.

All of a sudden, they stop talking. They ask if anyone has any questions. But then, you’re done. You were too busy worrying about the future to notice that your first class finished. After a minute, you’re back to being excited. You’re ready for your next class.

Multiply this by the number of classes you have and you’re done your first week of university.

Real talk: Enjoy your first few classes, and get to know some people. This post was a mere…hyperbole. We’ll start rolling out some more tips and academic tools as this semester moves on, but for now keep it real.

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